Lesser Seen Options for Custom Wood Interior Doors

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February 14, 2015
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June 14, 2015

Lesser Seen Options for Custom Wood Interior Doors

Lesser Seen Options for Custom Wood Interior Doors

The best thing about installing custom wood doors in your home, aside from the durability, the quality of the craftsmanship, the superior style, and the security they bring, is that you get to choose exactly what kind of doors you want.

As homeowners, keeping our home looking as good as it possibly can is a big deal. Being houseproud is not a bad thing. We want to feel good every time we enter, and we want our guests to be wowed every time they do too.

This means making our homes our own, with a style unique to them. A style not copied from our friends or neighbors.

Installing custom wood doors goes a long way to achieving this. But if we want to take our home d├ęcor to the next level of special, or are simply bound by practical issues or a lack of space, we should really be looking at the options for installing less common types of interior doors.

Pocket change

For homes that are short on internal space, it’s good to have a few ingenious interior design tricks up your sleeve. Or, in the case of these custom wood doors, in your pocket.

Rather than swinging on a hinge, pocket doors slide into a recess built into the wall. This means there’s no clearance needed for the door to open into, and makes pocket doors a practical option for en suites and smaller bathrooms.

Pocket doors are also ideal for those looking for extra-wide custom wood doors for their open plan homes.

Regular swing doors are kept at a standard width by the space needed when they open. However, as pocket doors aren’t restricted by this, they can be made wider for a more airy home atmosphere.

Go Dutch

Custom wood doors can accentuate almost any design style of any home, and are especially effective in those with a rustic or farmhouse look.

Divided in half horizontally, the top half of a Dutch or stable door can be opened while the bottom half remains closed. This style of door was originally designed to keep animals out of farmhouses, and to keep children in.

They also kept dirt from blowing into the home, while allowing breeze, light, and air to circulate.

Today, Dutch or stable doors play two roles. Still preventing children from wandering into the kitchen or onto stairwells, they also bring a traditionally historical look and feel that other custom wood doors simply cannot.

The barnstormer

For a stronger rustic, farmhouse, or industrial look in the home, sliding barn doors can be even more effective than Dutch doors.

They also combine the same advantages brought by the pocket doors discussed earlier, in eliminating the need for floor clearance required by swing doors.

Barn doors are often used in the home specifically for the aesthetic impact they have, and so feature vintage style aged wood and wrought iron rails and hangers.

As everything in the mechanism is out in the open, barn doors are also far easier to install and maintain than pocket doors, and can be used between rooms or on closets and pantries in rustic kitchens.

Investing in custom wood doors means being able to choose exactly how your new additions will look and impact on your home, and there are plenty of safe options out there.

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